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Founded by Major R Walker-Munro in 1935 to provide inexpensive polo for the inhabitants of the New Forest and their friends. The Club actively encourages beginners and novices, in particular Pony Club Members interested in and participating in the Pony Club’s own polo section or anyone who owns a horse that wants to have a go.


At the New Forest Polo Club we encourage new members to join in for an all round fun and affordable experience. We have a fantastic setting for a good day out with the whole family. Situated at New Park in Brockenhurst village it is easily accessible by any means of transport. There are regular trains to the station from Southampton. The surrounding forests offer a breathtakingly picturesque opportunity for a stroll or even a bike ride before meandering down to the side of the pitch for an afternoon of polo. This fast, adrenaline pumping sport can offer so much to the public and provides for a fantastic afternoons activity.


With polo being one of the largest growing equestrian sports around the world, and for those who are not satisfied with spectating and would like to learn how to play polo, the New Forest Polo Club is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with a polo school, based in Sway, Hampshire.


The school offers a number of packages to suit your needs.


They will get you up and running as quickly and as safely as possible, and depending on your personal progress, will have you playing chukkas on the farm and at the New Forest Polo Club in a short period of time.

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